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Your Dental Care: Understanding Managed Care Plans

If you are in the market for dental insurance or some sort of dental managed care plans, you may have questions. In this regard, you may have questions about dental managed care plans. Through this brief article, you will be able to obtain some basic information about dental managed care plans.

What are Managed Care Plans?

There are two primary types of managed care dental plans available on the market today. These are the dental HMO and the dental PPO. In simple terms, a managed care plan is one that focuses on prevention. The thought is that if a consumer is encouraged to take advantage of having regular checkups and cleanings from a dentist, that consumer will end up having fewer more serious dental problems in the future.

Through managed care plans, through dental managed care plans, consumers are provided with a list of dentists through which they can obtain services at set fees (or no fees depending on the service involved).


The Main Thrust of Managed Care Plans

When it comes to insurance, the names that are applied to different insurance products -- including dental insurance plans and products -- do not necessarily match the product that is being marketed. In other words, you cannot always identify how a plan or policy will work by simply looking at the name that is applied to a particular type of dental insurance policy or plan.

This is not the case with managed care plans. Managed care dental plans actually is a moniker that accurately describes what is involved in this type of dental care protection.

Dental managed care plans are exactly that -- These are dental plans that are designed to manage the care -- oversee and coordinate -- the dental care that is provided to and obtained from a dental patient. Managed care plans focus on two fronts:

  • managing the preventative dental care of patients
  • managing the dentists who provide services to participating consumers

Managed care plans emphasize preventative treatments for patients -- dental examinations, dental cleanings, x-rays and similar procedures and treatments. The theory is that when a patient engages in regular preventative dental care and treatment, that patient will be less likely to require more costly dental intervention at a future point in time.

Managed care plans also coordinate dental treatment for patients through the creation of an approved network of dentists. These dentists agree to provide certain services for patients that are part of a managed care plan at set prices, prices below what normally would be charged. In other words, if the managed care plan does not cover a particular procedure 100% as far as a claim is concerned, a patient will be able to access that particular service from a dentist at a predetermined fee that is less than what normally would be charged by that dentist.

Examples of commonly available dental managed care plans in this day and age are: dental health maintenance organizations and dental preferred provider organizations.


Saving Money Through Managed Care Plans

One of the main reasons that so many people are attracted to dental managed care plans is found in the fact that these consumers can become part of managed care plans for far less than they can obtain more traditional dental insurance. In this day and age, the typical person is living life on a tight budget. Thus, these people are interested in saving money wherever possible.


The Small Business and Managed Care Plans

If you are a small business owner who is looking to provide certain benefits to his or her employees, you might want to consider adding dental managed care plans to the roster. In this regard, and has been mentioned, managed care plans tend to be more inexpensive means through which consumers can access some sort of dental care coverage.

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